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Substance Abuse •

Awareness of state legislation on naloxone accessibility associated with willingness to prescribe naloxone

Ioana Popovici, Johanna Catherine Maclean, Bushra Hijazi, & Sharmini Radakrishnan

National Bureau of Economic Research •

With a Little Help from My Friends: The Effects of Naloxone Access and Good Samaritan Laws on Opioid-Related Deaths

Daniel I. Rees, Joseph J. Sabia, Laura M. Argys, Joshua Latshaw & Dhaval Dave

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    SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems •

    Understanding Policy Diffusion in the U.S.: An Information-Theoretical Approach to Unveil Connectivity Structures in Slowly Evolving Complex Systems

    Ross P. Anderson, et al.

    American Journal of Public Health •

    The Effect of an Increased Minimum Wage on Infant Mortality and Birth Weight

    Kelli A. Kromo, Melvin D. Livingston, Sara Markowitz, & Alexander C. Wagenaar

    Journal of Addiction Medicine •

    Prescribe to Prevent: Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Rescue Kits for Prescribers and Pharmacists

    Jamie K. Lim, Jeffrey P. Bratberg, Corey S. Davis, Traci C. Green, and Alexander Y. Walley

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    Firearm Access and Risk of Suicide—Reply

    Jeffrey W. Swanson, Richard J. Bonnie, & Paul S. Appelbaum

    PLOS One •

    Patterns and Trends in Accidental Poisoning Deaths: Pennsylvania’s Experience 1979-2014

    Lauren C. Balmert, et al.

    Psychiatric Services •

    State Laws on Emergency Holds for Mental Health Stabilization

    Leslie C. Hedman, et al.

    The Journal for Nurse Practitioners •

    Naloxone: An Opportunity for Another Chance

    Tiffany Calás, Michelle Wilkin, & Catherine M. Oliphant

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    Legal regimes surrounding naloxone access: considerations for prescribers

    Joy E. Brodrick, Collin K. Brodrick, & Bryon Adinoff

    Journal of Urban Health •

    Neighborhood-Level and Spatial Characteristics Associated with Lay Naloxone Reversal Events and Opioid Overdose Deaths

    Christopher Rowe, et al.

    Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners •

    Development and implementation of intranasal naloxone opioid overdose response protocol at a homeless health clinic

    Chin Hwa Y. Dahlem, et al.

    Journal of the American Medical Association •

    Ideological Anachronism Involving Needle and Syringe Exchange Programs Lessons From the Indiana HIV Outbreak

    Josiah D. Rich & Eli Y. Adashi

    American Journal of Public Health •

    The Impact of Texting Bans on Motor Vehicle Crash–Related Hospitalizations

    Alva O. Ferdinand, et al.

    American Journal of Public Health •

    Impact of Texting Laws on Motor Vehicular Fatalities in the United States

    Alva O. Ferdinand, et al.