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The High Cost of Compliance: Assessing the Regulatory Burden on Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

Andre Mota, Julian Polaris, Randi Seigel, & Fatema Zanzi

Northeastern University Law Review •

Health, Housing and the Law

Abraham Gutman, Katie Moran-McCabe, & Scott Burris

Health Equity •

Effects of State-Level Earned Income Tax Credit Laws on Birth Outcomes by Race and Ethnicity

Kelli Komro, Sara Markowitz, Melvin Livingston, & Alexander Wagenaar

Pain Medicine •

Reducing High-Dose Opioid Prescribing: State-Level Morphine Equivalent Daily Dose Policies, 2007–2017

Sara Heins, Katherine Frey, G Caleb Alexander, & Renan Castillo

The Journal of Emergency Medicine •

Characteristics and Costs of Pediatric Emergency Department Visits for Sports- and Recreation-Related Concussions, 2006–2014

Walter Hardesty, Bhavna Singichetti, Honggang Yi, Julie Leonard, & Jingzhen Yang

Contemporary Drug Problems •

Social and Political Factors Associated With State-Level Legalization of Cannabis in the United States

Joanne Spetz, Susan Chapman, Timothy Bates, Matthew Jura, & Laura Schmidt

SSM - Population Health •

Effects of changes in earned income tax credit: Time-series analyses of Washington DC

Alexander Wagenaar, Melvin Livingston, Sara Markowitz, & Kelli Komro

Drug and Alcohol Dependence •

Recreational marijuana legalization and prescription opioids received by Medicaid enrollees

Yuyan Shi, et al.

BMC Health Services Research •

State variation in opioid treatment policies and opioid-related hospital readmissions

Janice Blanchard, Audrey Weiss, Marguerite Barrett, Kimberly McDermott & Kevin Heslin

International Journal of Drug Policy •

Factors associated with obtaining sterile syringes from pharmacies among persons who inject drugs in 20 US cities

Maria Zlotorzynska, Paul J.Weidle, Gabriela Paz-Bailey, & Dita Broz

National School Boards Association •

Fostering Safer Schools: A Legal Guide for School Board Members on School Safety

National School Boards Association

Public Health Reports •

Public Health Implications of Housing Laws: Nuisance Evictions

Katie Moran-McCabe, Abraham Gutman, & Scott Burris

Preventive Medicine •

State-level minimum wage and heart disease death rates in the United States, 1980–2015: A novel application of marginal structural modeling

Miriam Van Dyke, et al.

The Consultant Pharmacist •

Concierge Pharmacy: A Potential Arena for Senior Care Pharmacists

Alexandra Cambra & Jeannette Wick

Chronicals of Health Impact Assessment •

Tracking State-Level Health Impact Assessment Legislation from 2012-2016

Joshua Waimberg, Lindsay K. Cloud, Andrew T. Campbell, Ruth Lindberg, & Keshia Pollack Porter

Vanderbilt University •

Concussions in Athletics: Risk-Taking Behavior, Compensation, and Legal Remedies

Scott DeAngelis

International Journal of Drug Policy •

Predicting pharmacy syringe sales to people who inject drugs: Policy, practice and perceptions

Beth E. Meyerson, et al.

Health Affairs •

Examining Whether The Health-In-All-Policies Approach Promotes Health Equity

Richard L. Hall & Peter D. Jacobson

Journal of Adolescent Health •

Consistency and Variation in School-Level Youth Sports Traumatic Brain Injury Policy Content

Kathryn Coxe, et al.

Rural and Underserved Health Research Center •

Rural/Urban Disparities in Pneumococcal Vaccine Service Delivery Among Fee-for-Service Medicare Population

Jeffrey C. Talbert, Aric Schadler & Patricia R. Freeman

NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy •

Variance in State Protection from Exposure to NORM and TENORM Wastes Generated During Unconventional Oil and Gas Operations: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go

Elizabeth Ann Glass Geltman & Nichole LeClair

Public Health Reports •

Authority of Pharmacists to Administer Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: Alignment of State Laws With Age-Level Recommendations

Deirdre A. Dingman & Cason D. Schmit

The Lancet Psychiatry •

Randomised controlled trials and outpatient commitment

Marvin S. Swartz & Jeffrey W. Swanson

American Journal of Public Health •

New and Recurrent Concussions in High-School Athletes Before and After Traumatic Brain Injury Laws, 2005–2016

Jingzhen Yang, R. Dawn Comstock, Honggang Yi, Hosea H. Harvey, & Pengcheng Xun

Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport •

Legislative Efforts to Reduce Concussions in Youth Sports: An Analysis of State Concussion Statutes

Sungwon Kim, Daniel P. Connaughton, John Spengler, & Jong Hoon Lee

Journal of the American Pharmacists Association •

Self-reported participation in voluntary nonprescription syringe sales in California’s Central Valley

Robin Pollini

Journal of the American Pharmacists Association •

Expanding state laws and a growing role for pharmacists in vaccination services

Cason D. Schmit & Matthew S. Penn

Public Health Reports •

Medicaid Prior Authorization Policies for Medication Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Young Children, United States, 2015

Rachel L. Hulkower, Meghan Kelley, Lindsay K. Cloud, & Susanna N. Visser

Seton Hall Legislative Journal •

Public Use of Recreational Marijuana: A Legal Landscape of State Law

Dawn Pepin, Aila Hoss, Gillian L. Schauer, & Carissa Baker Holmes

National Bureau of Economic Research •

Effects of State-Level Earned Income Tax Credit Laws in the U.S. on Maternal Health Behaviors and Infant Health Outcomes

Sara Markowitz, Kelli A. Komro, Melvin D. Livingston, Otto Lenhart & Alexander C. Wagenaar