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Vassar College •

Safe and Subversive: Medication Abortion’s Potential to Reshape Patterns of Access and Power

Margaret Matthews

USC Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics •

Is the U.S. Ready to Quickly Vaccinate its Population Against COVID-19?

Jeff McCombs, et al.

Injury Epidemiology •

Evaluating the effectiveness of traumatic brain injury state laws among high school athletes

Alan T. Arakkal, Anna E. Barón, Molly M. Lamb, Sarah K. Fields & R. Dawn Comstock

Preventive Medicine •

Fighting obesity at the local level? An analysis of predictors of local health departments' policy involvement

Wenhui Feng & Erika Martin

Washington Law Review •

The Dangers of Disclosure: How HIV Laws Harm Domestic Violence Survivors

Courtney K. Cross

San Diego State University •

The Effect of Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention Laws on Youth Sports Participation

Oren Rosenberg

BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine •

Could a massive open online course be part of the solution to sport-related concussion? Participation and impact among 8368 registrants

Pierre Fremont, Kathryn Schneider, Anne Laroche, Carolyn Emery & Keith Yeates

American Journal of Epidemiology •

Florida’s Opioid Crackdown and Mortality From Drug Overdose, Motor Vehicle Crashes, and Suicide: A Bayesian Interrupted Time-Series Analysis

Kenneth Feder, Ramin Mojtabai, Elizabeth Stuart, Rashelle Musci & Elizabeth Letourneau

Journal of Health Economics •

Sex, marijuana and baby booms

Michele Baggio, Alberto Chong, & David Simon

Journal of Concussion •

A systematic review of coach and parent knowledge of concussion

Robyn Feiss, Molly Lutz, Justin Moody, & Melissa Pangelinan


Protections From Civil Liability in State Abortion Conscience Laws

Nadia Sawicki

Southwest Rural Health Research Center Policy Brief •

The Development of Telehealth Laws in the U.S. from 2008 to 2015: A Legal Landscape

Cason Schmit, et al.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence •

Police officer attitudes towards syringe services programming Author links open overlay panel

Emily Sightes, et al.


States with higher minimum wages have lower STI rates among women: Results of an ecological study of 66 US metropolitan areas, 2003-2015

Umedjon Ibragimov, et. al.

The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics •

Assessing National Public Health Law to Prevent Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Immunization Law as a Basis for Global Health Security

Tsion Berhane Ghedamu & Benjamin Mason Meier

U.S. Social Security Administration •

Variation in supplemental security income takeup among qualifying lowbirthweight infants: Evidence from two states

Michelle Woodford Martin

International Journal of Drug Policy •

The impacts of potency, warning messages, and price on preferences for Cannabis flower products

Yuyan Shi, Ying Cao, Ce Shang, & Rosalie Liccardo Pacula

Ohio State Law Journal •

ABCs and CBD: Why Children with Treatment-Resistant Conditions Should Be Able to Take Physician-Recommended Medical Marijuana at School

Katherine Berger

BMC Public Health •

Considering health and health disparities during state policy formulation: examining Washington state Health Impact Reviews

Keshia M. Pollack Porter, Ruth Lindberg & Arielle McInnis-Simoncelli

Mental Health & Prevention •

Comparison of youth suicide with involuntary hold criteria and inpatient capacity

Ilene Claudius

Mental Health & Prevention •

Comparison of youth suicide with involuntary hold criteria and inpatient capacity

Ilene Claudius

Wellesley College Digital Repository •

Why She Didn't Just Leave: The Effect of Nuisance Ordinances on Domestic Violence

Emily Moss

Contraception •

Quantifying the impact of targeted regulation of abortion provider laws on US abortion rates: a multi-state assessment

Nichole Austin & Sam Harper

REACH Lab Policy Brief •

Investing in the Safety and Health of Nebraska Communities Through the Authorization and Implementation of Syringe Services Programs

Allison Black, Kim Gocchi Carrasco, Jacob Delley, & Kirk Dombrowski

Colorado Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law Review •

Hydraulic Fracturing, Radioactive Waste, and Inconsistent Regulation

Hella B. Zelleke

Health Security •

An Assessment of State Laws Providing Gubernatorial Authority to Remove Legal Barriers to Emergency Response

Gregory Sunshine, et al.

American Journal of Public Health •

Texting-While-Driving Bans and Motor Vehicle Crash–Related Emergency Department Visits in 16 US States: 2007–2014

Alva Ferdinand, Ammar Aftab & Marvellous Akinlotan

CityScape •

Data Shop: Law as Data: Using Policy Surveillance to Advance Housing Studies

Abraham Gutman, Katie Moran-McCabe, Adrienne Ghorashi, Andrew Campbell, & Lindsay Cloud

Harm Reduction Journal •

Barriers to using new needles encountered by rural Appalachian people who inject drugs: implications for needle exchange

Stephen Davis, et al.

American Journal of Preventive Medicine •

Association Between State Minimum Wages and Suicide Rates in the U.S.

Alex Gertner, Jason Rotter, & Paul Shafer