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International Journal of Drug Policy •

Is the severity of the Great Recession's aftershocks correlated with changes in access to the combined prevention environment among people who inject drugs?

Akilah Wise, et al.

Richmond Public Interest Law Review •

The Virginia Values Act: A Landmark Civil Rights Legislation Leapfrogs Virginia into a Leader on Equality

Sarah Warbelow & Cathryn Oakley

Housing Policy Debate •

Evictions: The Comparative Analysis Problem

Kyle Nelson, Philip Garboden, Brian J. McCabe & Eva Rosen

International Journal of Drug Policy •

Multi-level drivers of tobacco use and purchasing behaviors during COVID-19 “lockdown”: A qualitative study in the United States

Daniel P. Giovenco, Torra E. Spillane, Rachel M. Maggi, Esther Y. Lee & Morgan M. Philbin

Health & Justice •

A national survey of state laws regarding medications for opioid use disorder in problem-solving courts

Andraka-Christou, B. et al

Public Health Reports •

Association Between Design Elements of Concussion Laws and Reporting of Sports-Related Concussions Among US High School Athletes, 2009-2017

Jingzhen Yang, Hosea Harvey, Lindsay Sullivan, Lihong Huang & R. Dawn Comstock

CATO Institute •

Why Arizona Should Decriminalize Needle Exchange Programs

Jeffrey Singer

American Journal of Preventive Medicine •

Access Denied: The Proliferation of American Medical Abortion Laws, 2000–2018

Sarah J. Tomlinson

Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy •

Patient-Centered Care preferences & expectations in outpatient pharmacist practice: A three archetype heuristic

Anthony Olson, et al.

PLoS One •

How did outdoor biking and walking change during COVID-19?: A case study of three U.S. cities

Annie Doubleday, Youngjun Choe, Tania Busch Isaksen, Scott Miles & Nicole A. Errett

American Journal of Preventive Medicine •

Factors Associated With Postpartum Diabetes Screening in Women With Gestational Diabetes and Medicaid During Pregnancy

Cynthia J. Herrick, et al.

University of San Francisco, Doctor of Nursing Practice Projects (Dissertation) •

Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes Management

Nicole Beamish

JAMA Internal Medicine •

Pharmacy Access to Sterile Injection Supplies for People Who Inject Drugs

Brian Barnett & Nathaniel Morris

PLoS One •

Anti-poverty policy and health: Attributes and diffusion of state earned income tax credits across U.S. states from 1980 to 2020

Kelli Komro, et al.

Housing Policy Debate •

State Landlord–Tenant Policy and Eviction Rates in Majority-Minority Neighborhoods

Breanca Merritt & Morgan Farnworth

Open Forum Infectious Diseases •

Opportunities to Offer Harm Reduction to People who Inject Drugs During Infectious Disease Encounters: Narrative Review

Alyssa Peckham & Erika Young

Harm Reduction Journal •

"We're Actually More of a Likely Ally than an Unlikely Ally": Relationships Between Syringe Services Programs and Law Enforcement

Carol Franco, Angela Lee-Winn, Sara Brandspigel, Musheng Alishahi, & Ashley Brooks-Russell

Journal of General Internal Medicine •

“Health Is on the Back Burner:” Multilevel Barriers and Facilitators to Primary Care Among People Who Inject Drugs

Delia Motavalli, et al.

Social Science & Medicine •

The Impact of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Minimum Wage, and Earned Income Tax Credit on Women’s Well-Being and Intimate Partner Violence Victimization

Rachael Spencer, et al.

Health Affairs •

State-Level Discrimination Policies And HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Adoption Efforts In The US

Stephen Bonett, Steven Meanley, Steven Elsesser, & José Bauermeister

Housing Policy Debate •

Relationship Between State Preemption of Inclusionary Zoning Policies and Health Outcomes: Is There Disparate Impact Among People of Color?

Courtnee Melton-Fant

Journal of Infectious Diseases •

Federal and State Action Needed to End the Infectious Complications of Illicit Drug Use in the United States: IDSA and HIVMA’s Advocacy Agenda

Sandra Springer, et al.

Infectious Disease Clinics •

Harm Reduction Services to Prevent and Treat Infectious Diseases in People Who Use Drugs

Kinna Thakarar, Katherine Nenninger & Wollelaw Agmas

Assessing Legal Responses to COVID-19. Boston: Public Health Law Watch •

Preemption, Public Health, and Equity in the Time of COVID-19

Kim Haddow, Derek Carr, Benjamin Winig, & Sabrina Adler

Public Health Reports •

Policy and Public Health: Reducing the Burden of Infectious Diseases

Deron Burton, et al.

Public Health Reports •

State Laws Governing Syringe Services Programs and Participant Syringe Possession, 2014-2019

Marcelo Fernández-Viña, et al.

Public Health Reports •

The Impact of Syringe Services Program Policy on Risk Behaviors Among Persons Who Inject Drugs in 3 US Cities, 2005-2015

Tanner Nassau, Alia Al-Tayyib, William Robinson, Jenniferr Shinefeld, & Kathleen Brady

Drug and Alcohol Dependence •

State medical marijuana laws, cannabis use and cannabis use disorder among adults with elevated psychological distress

Ryan McBain, et al.

Vaccine •

Immunizations at Wisconsin Pharmacies: Results of a statewide vaccine registry analysis and pharmacist survey

Philip C. Berce, et al.